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Wrapping up the Beta Release & Demo

Lot’s of folks have emailed me asking when the beta version will be released.  Though I can’t truly quantify my answer, I can say its about 98% done.  Most of the work left to do is getting the IsoSprite class optimized when consuming graphical assets.  Most of that revolves around memory consumption and trying….. ah well you get the point.  Its almost there.

In order to help me get past this last road block, I hired an artist to create some graphical assets.  Not only are these assets helping me with wrapping up the release, they will also be used in the demo that will come out shortly after the release.  Here is a screen shot:

demo screen shot 001


One response to “Wrapping up the Beta Release & Demo

  1. yay January 29, 2009 at 12:30 am

    yayyy, the demo screenshot looking good.

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