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Builder applications

Since the beta release of the as3isolib in January of this year, it has been no secret that an as3isolib builder app was in the works. It wasn’t really well known that there are several builder apps in the works simultaneously. Well here is a bit on those builder apps.

the official as3isolib builder application

A few months back I had posted some screenshots of the builder app I was working on.  Well suffice it to say that it is still basically at that point if not a few steps behind.  I haven’t done a thing.  Sorry folks.  Some professional and personal things have come up that have severely limited my ability to truly focus on a builder app.  No news there.

Bart Wttewaal’s builder application

So out of nowhere Bart has dev’d this builder app in a very small time.  It reminds me alot about the classical Battleship game.  I have one single screenshot for you as well as his own take on the app.

The project is momentarily called: Isometric Level Editor. It is a prototype for a possible future project. After reading the project’s specification I got excited and wanted to test how easy or difficult it was to build on AS3IsoLib: quite easy that is.

The UI consists of mostly standard Flex 3 components, but most (most notably the Photoshop-ish Layer panel) contain a custom Itemrenderer.  The Library panel gets populated with “Units” that come from one or more runtime shared libraries (externally loaded swf’s or images).  The editor facilitates standard manipulation tools, such as Select, Transform (to do), Pan, Zoom, and units can be dragged & dropped on the grid.

And here is a screenshot of it:

Isei Online’s builder app

I should have more information about this one but I have only a few links to some videos to show you.  Unfortunately they are not in YouTube format so you get only a link from here.  Maybe Isei can provide us some more details.  And if they have, forgive me, I have lost them.

  • adding tiles movie – link
  • walk matrix movie – link

moving forward in unison

So one thing a few folks have pointed out is that there are a few (if not more) efforts in making separate builder apps.  These folks suggest it would be better to have a community effort in creating a builder application to address a broader use of the as3isolib.

I have a modified take on this.  I would like to see that a more unified format for reading as3isolib scene data would be a better usage of time by the community in order to standardize it.  Then folks could in turn build a community driven builder app or their own custom app that can read an interchangeable data format (xml?).  We have a user group, let’s get something going for this.


6 responses to “Builder applications

  1. Nate Beck July 23, 2009 at 2:30 pm

    All of these builders look really cool, and I was planning on writing my own as well. I would absolutely contribute to a community version of a builder.

    So where is this user group you speak of?

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  3. 21cdb March 29, 2011 at 1:35 am

    What happened to both of these awesome “builder apps”. I read through all forums, searched on google and other search engines but couldn’t find anything at all.

    Is there some basic editor one could start to build up on?

    • jwopitz March 29, 2011 at 9:26 am

      I haven’t heard any updates on the builder apps recently. Have you tried to contact either of the authors of the ones listed here? Have you posted on the user group (link in above comments)?

      There is this which I have only played with a little bit. It’s not very easy to use but you could contact the developer and ask for some tips. I would think building an XML to as3isolib interpreter would be rather trivial. Also you might check the Push Button Engine community to see if anyone there has a builder app that could be mod’d for use with as3isolib.

    • jwopitz March 29, 2011 at 9:31 am

      You might also check out this to see if you can extend it to target as3isolib.v1 –

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