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v2 status update – 2012.01.20


as3isolib twitter

Firstly I would like to address a few questions/comments I have received via email and twitter regarding the blog. A few folks were concerned for the project and specifically the v2 efforts due to inactivity on the blog.  The as3isolib is not going anywhere.  The blog is rarely updated simply because most of the updates and related content are being relayed via the as3isolib twitter account:

It’s MUCH easier to post updates via twitter than via a blog post.  So please subscribe to keep up to date.  I TRY to limit my personal posts and keep the feed solely about as3isolib.  Lately I have been lazy and posted a few SOPA/PIPA rants, etc.  Now I have a personal twitter where I can do that.

as3isolib blog

This will ALWAYS be here to keep you up to date on more in-depth topics which can’t be addressed in the 128? max-characters that twitter imposes.  Like this one 🙂

as3isolib user group & API docs

A month or so ago, I learned that a majority of the people using the as3isolib had no idea there was a users’ group.  Doing some followup to this, I also learned that people aren’t aware of the official API docs either.  Suffice it to say I will be posting on the twitter feed reminder posts about the docs and user groups just to keep it fresh in folks’ minds.



Forgoing any legalese, all of what follows is subject to change.

open source or not

I’ve decided (at the time of this writing) that regardless of licensing or usage, the as3isolib.v2 will not be open source.  There may be licensing scenarios in which the source will be provided however that has yet to be determined.


In order to develop useful features and content, I need to create a demo and start getting v2 out there in front of people in a limited fashion.  Starting very soon I will be reaching out community members to see about providing access to the engine.  If you are interested EMAIL me – as3isolib ${at} gmail ${dot} com (please do not add comments to this post as they will be deleted).  To be considered for early access I will need some things:

  • contact information (email, IM and/or Skype)
  • outline of usage in existing or proposed project/app/game/etc.)
  • a willingness to communicate on a regular basis in order to improve v2’s development

For now it will probably have a watermark until further security measures can be implemented.

stay tuned

Stay tuned as I will be updating this post as things develop.  Also check in with me on twitter.  I want to get the ball rolling.



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