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Getting Started w/ the as3isolib.v2 Preview Releases


Keep in mind that these tutorials MAY (& likely will) become out dated very soon.  This is NOT a beta release, it is still actively in development and as such, the APIs and implementations are subject to change.  All interim licenses are applicable.


  • as3isolib.v2 preview release
  • an actionscript IDE (Flash Builder, Flash, Flash Develop, FDT)
  • basic understanding of the actionscript 3 APIs and flash display architecture

project setup

Once you’ve downloaded the as3isolib.v2 preview release zip file, you need to extract the files for use in your project & IDE.  The zip file contains the following:

  • licensing information
  • as3isolib.v2.engine.swc
  • as3isolib.v2.public.swc
  • as3isolib.v2.public source files
If you plan to modify the base entity class you will want to use the public source files rather than the public.swc. Otherwise just use the 2 SWC files provided.

flash builder projects

You will need to decide if you want to use an actionscript 3-only project or a Flex project.  Create a new project.

for actionscript 3-only projects

Next create a new folder in your project structure called libs (for Flex-based projects, this is already created for you).  Right-click on your project and select properties.  Then add your libs folder to the build path.

Drop the as3isolib.v2.engine.swc into the libs folder.  If you are planning on using the public.swc, then go ahead and drop it into the libs folder as well.  Otherwise copy the source folders into the src folder.  You should not copy the public.swc AND the public source. It is highlighted here only to show the structure.


coming soon

flash develop & FDT

Sorry folks, I don’t have a PC and haven’t access to these applications.  If you are willing to supply a similar step by step process for getting started, please let me know and I will post your instructions here.


3 responses to “Getting Started w/ the as3isolib.v2 Preview Releases

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  2. toooflashRobbie July 9, 2012 at 12:09 am

    Not sure if I am too far out of the loop here but where can we get a release of as3isolib.v2?


    • jwopitz July 23, 2012 at 9:01 am

      The earlier preview release of v2 has expired and development HAD stopped. I have since resumed v2 development but it is not yet ready for a preview release. Please stay tuned to either this blog or for updates on its development.

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